Welcome to the new MyFenix website!

We’ve been working hard and given our site a total overhaul, making it more vibrant, user friendly and much faster to use. It also works great on mobile too allowing you to order products from anywhere!

Coming soon there will be dedicated pages for Hiking, Running, Cycling, Fishing, Work/Professional and more, with products we would recommend and information relating to that area. We hope this will aid you in deciding what’s the best product for you, or your customers if you are or are thinking of becoming a dealer.

Along with the improved buying experience we’ll be looking to bring you blog posts with:

·        News from Fenix including upcoming releases

·        Video content from us and Fenix users

·        Indepth articles regarding our products/ flashlights/ the activities that use them

·        Sharing community news and photos

·        News of upcoming events (when they can happen again)

So don’t forget to stay in touch via our social media – Facebook and Instagram – to see everything we’re doing.

The MyFenix team