HM65R-T v2.0 - What’s New with Version 2.0!

Fenix has made significant strides in the trail running market recently with a lineup of headlamps designed to tackle races of any distance. From the compact HL16 and HL18R-T models for short sprints, to the mid-distance HL32R-T, and the endurance-focused HM65R-T and HM65R-DT, Fenix has you covered.


This spring, Fenix has introduced its latest high performance trail running headlamp, the HM65R-T v2.0. Sharing the same naming convention as its predecessors, but upgrading to V2 status, let's delve into what sets this headlamp apart and how it improves upon the previous iterations.

The HM65R-T v2.0 boasts a sleek, modern design featuring a symmetrical body crafted from lightweight magnesium alloy. This premium material not only ensures robust construction, but also facilitates impressive heat dissipation, all while reducing overall weight compared to aluminium counterparts.

Bid farewell to the traditional reflector and welcome a dual TIR lens setup. These lenses maximize light usage and have been set up to be effective at mid-distances, making them ideal for running. Additionally, the incorporation of a warm white light beam with full size lens, as previously seen in the HM65R-DT in a smaller format, enhances visibility in misty/foggy conditions, though please note that only one beam operates at any given time.

Gone are the days of releasing the clasp to adjust the BOA headband. The upgraded version now features a Bi-directional ratchet system for precise tightening and loosening. Additionally, the headband integrates a built-in whistle for added safety during outdoor adventures.


Differences from HM65R-T v1.0:

·        New lens setup

·        Higher output

·        Powerful Warm-White lighting option

·        Bi-directional click stop headband adjustment

·        Expanded colour options


Differences from HM65R-DT:

·        New lens setup

·        Higher output

·        Larger TIR lens for warm lighting

·        Bi-directional click- stop headband adjustment


The new HM65R-T v2.0 offers several incremental updates tailored to the running community. If we look at the T and DT models, whilst they had features loved by runners, they were based upon the standard Fenix HM65R, a headlamp design hugely popular in many sectors. The HM65R-T v2.0 on the other hand is built from the ground up specifically for runners, taking all the features we loved from the previous models and refining them into a powerful, light weight specialist running headlamp!

 So, if you're content with your existing T or DT models, they remain excellent choices, especially for those who prefer the ability to mix beams. However, if you're seeking a new light specifically designed to meet the demands of runners, the Fenix HM65R-T v2.0 is your perfect companion on the trails.

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