Our customers are the Number One Priority here at Fenixlight UK.

On the rare occasion you receive a Fenix product that is faulty or your item develops a fault, please initially check out our troubleshooting guides. Some simple troubleshooting can often identify whether there is a fault, or a simple clean / adjustment etc will have your product working like new again without any further action. Please find our troubleshooting guides here.
If your issue cannot be resolved using our troubleshooting guides please get in touch for assistance on 02921 157162 or email us at service@fenixlight.co.uk

If we cannot resolve the issue remotely we will ask you to return the product to us for repair/replacement as per our warranty terms set out below.

To return a product please fill in our returns form and send your item to the return address at the end of the form. The form is electronic and you do not need to print it out, just ensure you click "submit" once you have completed it.

Before you start the form please, check the 11 digit serial number found on your torch using our serial number checker and confirm it is of UK origin. Non UK serial numbered torches will not be dealt with under our UK warranty service.

If we have not received your light within 3 months of submitting the return form, you will need to fill out the form again and re submit it

Warranty Details

Your Fenix product is warranted be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for the following periods:

• Lights powered by built-in rechargeable batteries (not user removable): 2 years.
• Lights powered by replaceable rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries: 5 years
• Lights powered by replaceable rechargeable batteries (supplied with the product): 5 years light warranty - 1 year battery warranty
• Fenix rechargeable batteries: 1 year
• Fenix chargers and accessories: 1 year

Please note:

Fenixlight UK is not responsible for any damage or failure resulting from any abuse, misuse, accident, or negligent act or omission by you or by any third party, battery leakage, or for acts of nature. Unauthorized repair or attempted repair by dismantling sealed / covered components will invalidate the warranty. Non-compliance with your products instructions will invalidate the warranty.

Any product not meeting our warranty criteria will only be repaired/replaced at the sole discretion of Fenixlight UK.

For service under warranty, please return your Fenix product to the supplying retailer, or contact us directly at Fenixlight UK to arrange service.

To return a product please fill in our returns form using the link above.

Please enclose your full contact details including address, telephone number and email address.
Please use sufficient protective packaging to prevent damage to the product and use a tracked postal service as we cannot accept responsibility for items which we don’t receive.

Return shipping charges:

Return of the product to Fenixlight UK is at customers expense.
If the light is faulty Fenixlight UK will pay for shipping the light back to you the customer.
In the event that the light is not faulty we reserve the right to charge £5.00 to cover the costs of returning the light via Royal Mail Tracked 48 service.

Grey Import Warning

Every Fenix product carries an 11 digit serial number which is both a country of origin and individual distributor identifier. Please input the serial number of your light on the fenixlight.com website to confirm the origin of your product.

Fenix products are manufactured by Fenix Lighting in China and distributed around the world by a network of distributors. Each distributor is responsible for sales, customer service and repairs for products sold within their region.

Fenixlight UK will provide service only for products which we, as the UK Distributor have imported and sold either directly or through our dealer network.

Please check address and location information carefully before purchasing as some sellers, particularly on auction or similar sites claim to be based in the UK but are actually located elsewhere. If in doubt, call us on 02921 157162 to confirm the retailer and warranty status before you buy.

For UK serial numbered non warranty repairs please contact us for a quotation via service@fenixlight.co.uk


Dear customers,

We are seeing a number of returns at the moment with customers reporting that run times are very short compared to manufaucturer figures. Upon testing most of these products, run times are within manufacturer specification. Please be aware of the following before contacting us if you are experiencing a short run time with your light.


Test figures are generated by switching the light on and letting it run without alteration until the battery is exhausted. This official ANSI run time test includes automatic step downs to lower brightness due to product heating and depleting battery charge level.

•  If the light is adjusted to a higher output at any point, this will considerably shorten available run time since much more energy is being used to run at the higher brightness.
•  Changing to a lower brightness level, then returning to the previous higher level will switch the light back to the maximum output at that level before any step down occurred, using considerable extra energy and shortening run time.

Cold weather considerably affects lamp opeartion and battery performance.

• During cold weather, your light starts running at a cold temperature, therefore will stay brighter for longer before reaching the thermal step down temperature. This uses considerable more energy, of course shortening run times.
• During cold weather, batteries won't perform to their stated capacity. This can make a considerable difference to run time performance, particularly at higher outputs (20-30% isn't unusual)

Manufacturers test their lights at an ambient temperature of 18-25 degrees centigrade. At this temperature the product will reach the thermal step down earlier, reducing output and extending run time. The batteries will also be performing at high efficiency.

As can be seen from the above, the performance of your Fenix (and any other brand) will be considerably affected by ambient temperature. Please be aware of this and carry extra batteries if you need them, especially in winter.Please test your light in a warm room to check run time performance. Allow the light to warm up before conducting a run time test with a fully charged battery. Once the test is running, don't alter the output of the light at all, in order to meet the test requirements.

If after testing as above, your light still has a very short run time, please get in touch.