Below are some of the questions that usually get asked by our customers. Have a look below to see if any answer yours below. If not don't hesitate to get in touch.

General questions




Why is there a spare O-ring with my light and do I need to fit it?

Fenix products often include a spare O-ring. O-rings, being made of rubber are liable to wear and tear if not regularly lubricated. Lubricating your O-ring with a small amount of silicon grease will maintain its condition for years. If your current O-ring has seen better days, remove the old one and replace with the spare supplied. Please don’t add the spare O-ring to the original as this will prevent your product from operating.

What does ANSI mean?

ANSI stands for the American National Standards Institute. This is the body who set the standard to which reputable lighting products are tested. ANSI can be confusing as ANSI output is measured down to 10% of starting output and battery discharge time scales can vary. This is why we are as transparent as possible and supply the actual run time graphs, where available from Fenix in the product images area of each product page. These will give you the specific performance you can expect. For more detailed information on ANSI Standard please visit our dedicated page.

What accessories fit my torch?

Fenix produces many accessories that can add to your torch owning experience. To see what will work with yours please see the product page, our accessories page and Accessories chart.

Power drop offs

You may notice your torch experience a drop off in power output when used, particularly at very high output settings. LED’s produce significant heat when driven hard. In order to prevent damage to the LED and circuitry, the torch will automatically dim to a lower level that can be sustained without suffering heating issues. The more metal and surface area in a torch to dissipate the heat, the longer it can run at any specific power setting before dimming, so a smaller / lighter torch might manage a minute or three at 1000 lumens whereas a large torch can run at that level continuously.

Of course, battery power is another limiting factor. A fully charged battery can sustain extremely high outputs. A partially discharged battery may not be able to, depending on the power of the torch, as a result most lights will "step down" during operation as the battery voltage drops.

We recommend using the lower / mid brightness levels for continuous output. This will conserve your battery and keep your light cooler. Thinking of the highest power levels of today’s ultra- powered LED torches as boost modes for limited use is the best way to go. Tiny torches can achieve huge outputs – BUT NOT FOR LONG, so don’t be fooled by this. Consider this power as nice to have, but not available continuously. Heating of the torch will also be affected by surrounding conditions. Hot environments will make cooling less effective and cold environments will aid in cooling. Extremely cold sub-zero environments may require cold resistant batteries such as the Fenix ALB-L18-2900L to maintain better performance.


We always recommend the use of Fenix Li-ion batteries as they feature multiple safety protections and genuine capacity. Most Lithium Ion cells such as the popular 18650 feature an electronic circuit to protect them. This can limit the charge and discharge current to safe levels, and cut the power from the battery to prevent it becoming damaged by over discharge.
Beware of low quality batteries on auction sites claiming huge capacity. For example, Fenix 18650 cells are close to the maximum available capacity right now at 3500mAh. You will see claims of much higher capacity than this but remember, unscrupulous sellers can print whatever they like on the wrapper. The 10,000 Mah battery you thought was an incredible deal is of unknown quality and could be only 2000 mAh capacity.


Where’s my order

Our Standard delivery service in the UK for orders under £30 is Royal Mail 2nd class post which can take between 2-5 working days to reach you. Orders over £30 will be sent by Royal Mail Track 48 service. UK orders over £50 will be upgraded to Royal Mail Track 24 service, usually delivered in 1-2 working days. You will be provided with a Royal Mail tracking number for both Track 48 and 24 services when ordering online- please check your spam folder for you dispatch confirmation if you haven’t seen it pop up in your inbox.

Tracking information

If you opt for tracked delivery at checkout, please check your dispatch email for tracking details (check your spam folder). If you can't find it, just email us at sales@fenixlight.co.uk and we’ll gladly help.

Changes to order

Should you wish to make a change to your order, please get in touch and we’ll amend it for you. Please note all orders are sent out after 3pm so please do so before then.

Shipping batteries

Batteries in their nature can be dangerous and even in the rarest of circumstances be known to heat up and if damaged ignite. Therefore tough restrictions are put in place when shipping batteries.
We are unable to ship Li-ion batteries outside of the Mainland United Kingdom unless they are fitted inside a flashlight, headlamp, bike light or lantern. If this is the case any other non rechargeable batteries which would normally be supplied will be removed.


General torch issues

Should you have a problem with your torch, in the first instance please visit our troubleshooting page to see if you can remedy the issue before contacting us.

How do I get warranty support….?

For Warranty support please visit our warranty page.


We do have spare/replacement parts available for certain models. You may find them on our spares page, or please get in touch.


Should your Fenix product no longer operate as expected within the warranty period, we can return it to Fenix for repair. Outside of the warranty there is a charge for this service. Please note, some products might not be repairable if they have been discontinued for some time. Please get in touch if you have a repair issue.
We can only provide service for UK serial numbered products. Please refer to our warranty page.