We hope that you never have an issue with your Fenix product, but occasionally some thing might not work right. So below we have some troubleshooting steps to follow. If you can't get it working after doing these please get in touch and we can assist you personally.

Lock out mode

Does your torch not switch on properly and presents with a series of flashes. This is how Fenix products show they are in lockout mode. This is present to stop accidental activation, which can lead to depleted batteries or worse, a case of damage or burning to surrounding materials. To come out of lockout mode, please check the instruction manual (provided with the product or look on our product pages) to see what operation is needed to do so.

Paperclip Test

The paperclip test is a method to check if a torch with a tail switch product has a fault with the switch itself.

General / simple problem solving

In this video we show you some of the common issues that we get from customers.

Run Time Test

A simple way to see if your light (Or your battery) is behaving itself.
Simply charge up your light, select an output level from the user manual and switch the light on at that level making a note of the start time.
Leave the light alone for the duration of the user manual stated run time to see if it is still running at the end of that time. (please note that many lights will drop down through output levels during this run time and this is perfectly normal. See our ANSI page for further details)
At the end of the user manual stated run time if the light is still on then your light is running OK, if it stops earlier than this and the battery was fully charged then either the light or the battery may have a problem.
If you have a spare battery try charging that up and re running the test to see if it is just your battery that is the problem or if it is your light.

Remember adjusting the output settings during this test will render the results invalid as some lights may decrease in intensity in order to protect from heat buildup or for other reasons. Resetting the output level will cause the light to go back to the original output and this may corespondingly alter the run time results.

In the user manual there is normally a run time graph which will give an indication of the output levels you can expect at any point in the run time test.