Welcome to Fenixlight UK!

As you may have seen, we’ve had a bit of a refresh. Since becoming a limited company at the start of October we decided that it would be the right time to give the MyFenix name an update too. So, as the UK distributor we decided to rebrand our website and trading name to Fenixlight UK.

So how does this change things for our customers:

Well in most ways, not at all. You’ll still get the same great products and service you’ve come to expect from MyFenix – it’s the same team after all! You’ll just notice that your emails from us have arrived from sales@fenixlight.co.uk  and when you buy from us, you’ll either see Fenixlight UK on your statement or our limited company - Robbal LTD.

What about my warranty?

If you purchased a product from MyFenix or one of our retailers nothing has changed in regards to your warranty. As ongoing sole UK distributor, we are responsible for all Fenix products supplied by us as MyFenix and Fenixlight UK that are within their warranty period:


Please ensure you keep a copy of your proof of purchase as we will ask for this before accepting your light under warranty – maybe take a photo of it with your phone?


If you are subscribed to the MyFenix newsletter (if not, why not??!) we'll be automatically changing to the Fenixlight UK newsletter. We are operating an "Opt out system" so if you don't wish to hear from us anymore, update your preference at the bottom of your latest email.

Any other changes?

Besides the name we give when we answer the phone nothing will change. With our new name and new company we will continue to grow our business and the Fenix brand within the UK.

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Thanks for reading!

Fenixlight Team