MyFenix/Fenix Sponsor Equinox24 2021

MyFenix and Fenix are proud to announce that Fenix are the Headline sponsor of the Equinox24 Night 10k race 2021 as well as the Official Headlight Sponsor of the Equinox24 2021 race weekend. This will be taking place in September this year on the grounds of the historic Belvoir Castle.

With the launch of our new trail running range of headtorches – Fenix HM65R-T and HL18R-T – we can think of no better way to put these to the test than a 24 hour endurance race featuring 8 hours between Sunset and Sunrise.

The Night 10k, run in parallel, will prove to be a challenge for all the competitors, traversing the same multi-terrain course as the 24-hour event with many trying to set the quickest time in the dark.

MyFenix will be present at the event, offering advice, support and showcasing our range of lights. We might even give the famous Friday Beer Mile a go!

Visit the Equinox24 website for more info and to sign up

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