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Impact Kinetics "Speedshot 3" CO2 Pistol Target
Impact Kinetics "Speedshot 3" CO2 Pistol Target
Impact Kinetics "Speedshot 3" CO2 Pistol Target

Impact Kinetics "Speedshot 3" CO2 Pistol Target

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Fast Fire Knock Down Target
Choice Of Disc or Skittle Targets
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Product Description
Speedshot triple plate target. Choice of discs or skittles.

Impact Kinetics Speedshot targets are designed to add a new dimension to low power CO2 multi shot pistol and rifle shooting. Ideal for clubs and garden shooting, our Speedshot targets provide endless hours of fun and competition.

Set them up as a static course of fire and shoot against the clock with your friends / club mates or as a run and gun competition with several firing points and magazine changes. Unleash the true potential of your CO2 pistol. Place them at 5 to 15 yards and what looks like an easy target becomes challenging fun and frustration as you try to knock them all down as fast as you can pull the trigger!

We have installed these at our local club (St Brides Shooting Centre) and the pistol range has become hugely popular with lots of friendly rivalry!

Speedshot targets are specially designed to operate at the low power levels of CO2 pistols, both indoors and out. Due to the low impact energies involved the target plates are fully adjustable for sensitivity and will operate reliably with less than 1 foot pound of impact energy, even when your C02 is running low! For outdoor use we have developed our simple Magna Buffer system to enhance reliability in breezy conditions. This enables the plates to remain upright in a 10+ mph breeze yet fall reliably when hit.

Your Speedshot target is supplied assembled and only requires the fitting of a few nuts / bolts and Magna Buffer to complete (no tools required).

The target needs to be mounted on a firm, flat, stable surface for reliable operation. We use pallets at the club (wood screws supplied). Paving slabs are also recommended for outdoor use.

* Made in the UK
* For air guns below 6 foot pounds muzzle energy
* Zinc plated low maintenance target plates
* Proven design with extensive outdoor testing
* Cord reset from shooting position
* Dimensions: 3 shot target - 387mm wide x 180mm deep (with discs), 250mm deep (with skittles)
* Targets are sized for challenging speed shooting, not single shot precision

Please DO NOT use this target with steel BB's. DANGER OF RICOCHET. Your target faces will be dented by steel BB's.
BB rifles and pistols can be used safely but please use copper coated lead BB's such as H&N excite or Webley Accu BB.

As part of our quality service to our customers, the Speedshot series has been designed with parts replacement in mind. Spare fasteners, magnets, buffers and target plates are available directly from our warehouse. Please call us on 02921 157162 for spare parts.
ModelSpeedshot Series
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Package & Contents

Retail Packaged Impact Kinetics "Speedshot 3" Target
Choice of disc or skittle knock down plates
20m reset cord

For commercial orders and large purchases, contact us at 02921157162, or