The Road Package

Whether its your commute or a grand tour, being able to see where you’re going as well as being seen yourself is all part of being a cyclist in the present day. With Fenix’s range of powerful, aerodynamic, lightweight lights, your night cycles will be as exciting as the day. Although you might have to rethink the mid ride café stop.

In our Road Cyclist Kit, you have the BC26R 1600 Lumen Front Light and BC05R Rear safety Light. For added safety, a second BC05R is recommended if you think extra visibility is needed – on a busy road for example.

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The Trail Package

Don’t let tarmac hold you back – take to the trails and find your freedom. With that though, forget the comfort of street lighting, it’s time to bring Fenix with you to light up your ride. On the trails, things will be less predictable than the roads and you will need more light to navigate.

In our Trail Package, we have the BC26R 1600 Lumen for Front and BC05R (in case people need to follow you). We then have the HM65R Headtorch, with spot and flood lighting, able to illuminate near and far depending on what you need. Included is a ALG-03 v2.0 Helmet mount.

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The Endurance Package

Does the idea of cycling for miles upon miles entice you and the thought of burning the midnight oil to see that sunrise tick your boxes? When cycling for days (and nights) at a time, you need lighting that won’t cut out on you.

Including in our Endurance Package is the BC26R, BCO5R, HM65R, helmet mount and spare batteries for both units. An additional purchase would be the ARE-X1 Charger which can charge a battery from a power source or discharge a battery as a power bank would. Hooked up to a dynamo/regulator you can charge your spares as you go and no drop in your light output should you tire or have a mechanical.

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